Saturn UV LED Spot cure

Saturn UV UK Suppliers of UV LED Curing Systems For Printing

Compact Size, Multi-Function, Independent 4 Channels Control
Available UV Spectrum: 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm


• High UV Output
• 8 Step Programmable Control
• LCD Display with Simple Settings
• Pure UV Light
• Multi Spot Lens Sizes
• New Heat Sink Structure
• Compact Size
• 3m Flexible Cable Length

Light Guides:

Standard 100mm length or 50mm length body, New Heat Sink Design
Switchable Lens

Peak intensity with different lenses – Measured at 365nm using a USHIO UIT-250 UV Meter

Lens Type          3mm           6mm         8mm   10mm     12mm
Focal Length      5mm             15mm       20mm   25mm       30mm
Peak Intensity      12000             6000          2200     1600          800