Need to save money, speed up production time and reduce your carbon footprint? A greener LED solution from Saturn UV is now available from only £200 per month.

The revolutionary new LED-UV system of HOYA "NX Series" Launched at LABELEXPO-EUROPE !

Key Features

  • the highest performance by air-cooling at 25W/cm2
  • Industry’s first Linus OS-based control
  • Digital AC/DC converter to reduce power supply loss
  • Large 15 inches touch panel
  • Status indicators on power supply and LED heads
  • Neuron network connecting major components via communication
Saturn UV UK Suppliers of UV LED Curing Systems

Top Quality LED UV Curing Equipment Manufacturers and Installer

Excellence in UV LED Design and Engineering coupled with vast application experience and knowledge. Customised to your needs.

LS on Flat bed

Why LED UV for Ink and Print Curing?

Cost-Effective, Low Energy, Precise UV Wavelength. Fully Experienced and Qualified Engineering Back up.

led uv curing systems for printing

UK Based Company

Saturn UV is based in the UK but serves customers worldwide.

UV LED Curing Applications

Why switch to LED UV

Benefits of LED UV?

  • Increase the range of sub straights
  • Increase print speeds
  • Increase print quality
  • Reduced direct heat
  • Reduced electrical energy
  • Reduced maintenance (No moving parts)
  • Programmable controls
  • Contain no heavy metals (Mercury)
  • No emissions 

LED UV curing applications

In the industrial market place, we have seen such applications as beverage can rim coating, non-scratch coating for plastic automotive headlights, liquid gaskets, when it was fashionable to have fake wood trim dashboard this had a UV coating, Vinyl floor coverings producing both matt and gloss UV coatings, DVD and CD manufacture and LED UV systems for the labelling and narrow web printing industries.
Today we are seeing growth in touch panel assembly, touch panel edge cure. And many other electronic applications using large area cure UV emitting panels to small spot applications for such things as surface mount components.

Our LED UV curing systems are currently in use with UK ink manufacturers for LED ink testing and proofing.

Recirculating coolers:

We can also provide compact and efficient Refrigerated recirculating coolers for UV curing and Printing applications which are available in a range of units from 200 to 30000 KCAL cooling capacity.

If you have an application requiring the use of Ultra Violet curing then we are certain we can work with you to find a lasting production application.
Saturn UV – the Digital solution to UV curing.

Who we are?

With a combined total of more than 70 years’ experience in the UV curing industry, we are well placed to meet your needs for UV curing applications.
The skill, knowledge and experience started in the late 70’s installing one of the first “offline” UV coaters for UV varnishing Paperback book covers and Vinyl record sleeves ( if you remember them!!)
In the print industry, we can remember cutting holes in the sides of sheetfed presses in order to insert a UV lamp system. Most sheet feed presses today come with an aperture for this purpose.
Sheet feed, Web, Label, Flexo, Litho, even Gravure have all been part of our experiences.
Today these markets continue with growth particularly in the label printing market and for applications using inkjet printing (or Digital printing if you prefer)

Whatever your UV curing requirements please contact us for a friendly and prompt response.

Tel 0844 3570517

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Saturn UV UK Suppliers of UV LED Curing Systems For Printing

Saturn LED UV Curing For Glass Lamination


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